it's all about story…

“Storytelling, like all art, like life, is an act of learning—of finding out. We are mistaken to assume that stories of transformation are only about transformation, mere illustrations. Instead, they are transformation itself, acts of practical alchemy, with the power to alter the reality of every receptive person they touch.”

We’re Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin. We’ve been married and writing books together for over 30 years. All of the things we do—plays, books, poems, artworks, videos, publishing—are plays on ideas.

Quintains of the Red Death

And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all. At the last midnight ever to fall, the clock’s brazen lungs swelled full and exhaled twelve sonic ebony sighs that shuddered against the welded gates and made the airtight abbey shake. The dancers halted stupefied and the music hobbled to a hush […]