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A Forest of Mathematics
by Lucina Kathmannbooks

Favorite characters from Lucina’s storybook Payshapes and the Bear are back—this time to teach 7th and 8th grade-level math. The animal characters in a forest present negative numbers, Cartesian coordinates, exponents, fractions, decimals, and percents through “real-life” (of the forest) situations, and a wayward young dragon is redeemed through math. Worksheets are included. Available in both English and Spanish editions for tweens, teens and imaginative adults.
English paperback.
Spanish paperback
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Someone Talkedtalked-coverWEB.jpg
by R. Conrad Stein

It’s August, 1944. World War II rages in Europe and the Pacific. Chicago, Illinois seems a long way from the fighting. And yet, is all safe there? Might spies be lurking in the shadows, plotting to blow up American factories? Twelve-year-olds Dan and Tony just might have spotted such a German spy. Is he on the brink of committing some dastardly deed against the war effort? How are they going to stop him before it’s too late? Paperback and Kindle editions.

Anna’s WorldAnnasWorldcoversmall.jpg
by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin

Multiple award-winning YA Historical Fiction, also loved by many adults. 1840’s America–a bright, headstrong girl faces challenges in a Shaker community and in Boston. Forced from her home and away from her beloved father, Anna is sent to live among the stern people called Shakers. Their strange ways and strict lifestyle are both appealing and difficult for the bright, headstrong Anna. When reunited with her father, Anna is plunged into upper-class Boston life, where she faces a troubling mystery, new responsibilities, deadly danger, and events that will affect not just herself and her loved ones, but a country about to come apart at the seams. With a cast that includes Henry David Thoreau, a perceptive Shaker schoolmistress, and a murderous false friend, Anna’s World is a powerful coming of age story, widely praised for its vivid characters, gripping plot, and moral stature. Paperback and Kindle editions.

Payshapes and the BearpayshapesWEB.jpg
by Lucina Kathmann

Somewhere in Latin America, a man named Payshapes (Péxeps in Spanish) lives in the deep forest. He and his best friend Bear (who is a bear) have many lighthearted adventures with a recurring cast of characters including a few dragons. Written for children, Payshapes and the Bear is a story that appeals to all ages. A delightful bilingual (English/Spanish) collection of stories with unique illustrations by Fabián Nanni. Award-winner in the International Book Awards. Paperback and Kindle editions.