Lucina Kathmann

Both an author and an activist, Lucina is International Vice-president Emerita of PEN International, a worldwide association of writers fighting for freedom of expression. She travels the world meeting writers who work in interesting and dangerous situations. Many of their stories are told in her essay collection, Private Spaces • Public Places: a woman at home in the world (Spanish edition: Espacios privados, lugares públicos: una mujer en el mundo como en casa).

She spends part of every school year in Chicago, tutoring bright middle school students hoping to advance from their disadvantaged classrooms to one of the elite high schools in the area. Many succeed. When at home in the Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende, she answers math emergency calls from her 17 grandchildren—all children of the six she and her partner, the late Charles Kuschinski, inherited one night over 30 years ago when Lucina’s best friend died in childbirth. Their own two sons have not yet produced any math students.

Lucina is a novelist, short story writer, journalist, and essayist in Spanish and English. Her books have been published internationally and translated into three languages. You can order Lucina’s books from independent bookstores, Amazon, and other sellers.

“A testimony to twenty years of work and dedication to various causes, which makes Lucina an example to follow, not only for women but for all human beings.” —Martha Cerda, author of Señora Rodriguez and Other Worlds

“A journey of hope, struggle and triumph with … a natural storyteller’s ability…” —Joanne Leedom-Ackerman, author of The Dark Path to the River

“A touching depiction of what it is to be mother, daughter and revolutionary … a bulldog that bites the heart and inspires the reader to take on the world.”—Moisés Zamora, writer for AMERICAN CRIME

“Takes us on an adventure around the world, exploring the beauty of lives lived, the challenges of writers living under oppressive climate, peace, war, activism, love and hope.” —Unoma Azuah, multiple award-winner for her debut novel Sky-high Flames

Kathmann’s bilingual (English and Spanish) collection of children’s adventure stories, Payshapes and the Bear, was recognized as a finalist in the International Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.

“A must for any bilingual children’s fiction collection.” — Midwest Book Review.”

“They are beloved characters with a life of their own.” —Martha Cerda winner of the 2007 Ibargüengoitia Prize for her novel, Señuelo.
From the lively adventures of forest animals and a dragon, people from 10 to 100 can enjoy learning negative numbers, cartesian coordinates, exponents, scientific notation, fractions, decimals, and percents. All with examples, worksheets and answers.
Like all the Payshapes stories, these books are delightfully illustrated by Fabián Nanni.