Stories begin

1986—Pat     An ending. Three years of fun with literature and film and artworks and the writings of physicists, of making art and winning a couple of awards, of piecing thoughts together on paper, left me with a PhD in Art Theory and Criticism from the University of Georgia. My first degree in art, it marked the end of my art-teaching years. My shiny new credentials didn’t lead to an exciting new job, so I contacted a woman I’d heard lecture, talked her into hiring me, and drove over to Los Angeles.

A beginning … of many new beginnings. And an excellent move, because Wim and I met and married while we were both working on Marilyn Ferguson‘s newsletter, Brain/Mind Bulletin. When we got the contract for PragMagic, we had to bring some structure to the 10-year accumulation of material we were updating, adapting, and commenting on.  We decided to start with a section called “The Power of Story.”

We wrote about how the stories that run through our minds affect our lives. Drawing on research, commentary, and experience, we described ways of modifying those stories. (Though similar notions are lately called “secrets” and “the law” these ideas had been around a long time even when we wrote about them.) Here’s how that section started. (download pdf file)

So our lives together began with Story. Which would naturally lead to mutant foxes.

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