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Stages of History:
Plays About America's Past
This collection of eight one-acts — written by Wim and Pat together — offers a panorama of American history, ranging from the Lost Colony of Roanoke to Kansas homesteaders. The enormous cast of characters includes the historical and the fictional, the famous and the unknown.

For example, “The Scarlet Cloak” tells the story of Deborah Champion, a young woman whose little-known ride during the Revolutionary War surpassed that of Paul Revere; a witty and poignant scene dramatizes her meeting with George Washington himself. Other characters in these plays include Queen Elizabeth I, Sacagawea, Davy Crockett, Santa Anna, John Sutter, Frederick Douglass, and Harriet Tubman.

The Plays:
The Roanoke Riddles (about the Lost Colony, 1587-1590)
The Scarlet Cloak (about the Revolutionary War, 1775)
Bitterroot (about Sacagawea, 1805)
Ghosts of the Alamo (about Texas Independence, 1836)
Streets of Gold (about the California Gold Rush 1847-1848)
Freight (about the Underground Railroad, 1856)
Eye in the Sky (about the Civil War, 1862)
Horse Thieves
(about Kansas homesteaders, 1870)


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