Because Wim grew up around the theatre, some of his earliest memories are of attending rehearsals—including those for a production of Oedipus the King when he was about two years old. Over the years, he has been an actor, director, set designer, scene shop foreman, and an award-winning playwright. His plays have been published in magazines and anthologies. Wim has written plays for adults and young people, some for performance and others for classroom use.

Writers DigestWim's most recent award: 6th Place in the Stage Play category of the
80th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition

Plays on Ideas by Wim Coleman, 10 minute plays
Plays on Ideas
Short, lively plays featuring a fascinating bunch of historical characters—discussion starters for any group.

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Plays On Ideas: Little Dramas, Big Themesbuy plays on ideas from Amazon

Royalty-free plays from the history of thought for performance in theaters, classrooms, living rooms, or the privacy of your own brain. Each centers on intriguing ideas and features historical personalities and events.

Three of these Plays on Ideas were presented at the San Miguel PEN Winter Lecture Series. San Miguel PEN is a chapter of International PEN, an organization that promotes cooperation among writers and fights for freedom of expression everywhere.

You can buy all five Plays on Ideas in book form or download individual plays in reproducible PDF files. ROYALTY-FREE for live performance. Download individual plays


Wim Coleman and Kathy Snodgrass read God's Substitute

God's Substitute—a reading
In 1601, Shakespeare’s company of players found itself in serious trouble with Queen Elizabeth. Was Shakespeare himself ever brought in for interrogation? In this video, Wim Coleman and Kathy Snodgrass perform a one-act from Wim’s book Plays on Ideas, in which Shakespeare and Elizabeth discuss freedom of expression, the divine right of monarchs, and the looming specter of democracy.

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Plays on Ideas, Wim Coleman and Pat PerrinWhen we came up with the title for this book, we realized that the things we do — plays, books, poems, sculptures, paintings, videos — are all plays on ideas. So you'll see this logo on much of our newer work.

More published collections:  

Nine Muses, plays by Wim Coleman

Nine Muses
Nine of Wim's one-act plays based on Greek and Roman myths. Excellent for school and community theater groups.
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Stages of History, plays by Wim Coleman and Pat PerrinStages of History
This collection of one-acts — written by Wim and Pat together — presents a panorama of American history.
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and download an excerpt free.
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Plays from our collections are included in anthologies of works by well-known playwrights:

Drama Anthology 1 with a play by Wim Coleman and Pat PerrinWim and Pat's play “Eye in the Sky,” from Stages of History, appears in Drama for Reading and Performance: Collection 1, with plays by Anton Chekhov, David Mamet, Horton Foote, Wendy Wasserstein, Athol Fugard, Carlo Gozzi, Rod Serling, Paul Zindel, and Avi.

Drama Anthology 2 with a play by Wim ColemanWim's play “Phaeton and the Sun Chariot,” from Nine Muses,
appears in Drama for Reading and Performance: Collection 2, with plays by Molière, David Mamet, David Ives, Christopher Durang, Stephen King, Woody Allen, August Wilson, Rabindranath Tagore, Athol Fugard, Neil Simon, Rod Serling, Shirley Jackson, Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee.



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