Our articles, essays, and other contributions have turned up in a wide variety of publications over the years: studies of specific topics, a handful of magazines, and anthologies such as these …

creativity essay by Pat Perrin

Creativity: The Reality Club 4: “Reveyesed I’s” by Pat Perrin
Leading minds in science, psychology, and education explore the sources of creativity. Edited by John Brockman. Contributors: Howard Gardner, Teresa M. Amabile & Elizabeth Tighe, Howard E. Gruber, Dean Keith Simonton, Stuart A. Kauffman, Richard Morris, Pat Perrin, Danah Zohar, Richard Restak, M.D., Kenneth Hope

Download "Reveyesed I's" (free PDF file)

Daniel Dennett, Wim Coleman, Pat Perrin

Speculations: The Reality Club 1: “Media–Neutral”
by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin, featuring Daniel C. Dennett as himself
The Reality Club motto: To arrive at the edge of the world’s knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves. Edited by John Brockman. Contributors: William H. Calvin, Julius Korein, M.D., Robert Langs, M.D., Nicholas K. Humphrey, Daniel C. Dennett, Morris Berman, Lynn Margulis, Dan Ogilvie, Robert Sternberg, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Wim Coleman & Pat Perrin, Dorion Sagan

Download "Media Neutral" (free PDF file)

Mexico essay by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin
Buy Solamente en San Miguel

Solamente en 
San Miguel:

“A Mexico of the Mind: Reflections in Juxtapositions”

by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin
Writings from the
 Authors' Sala 
of San Miguel de Allende. Sala history by Susan Page; forward by Lou Christine; edited by Cris K.A. DiMarco. Contributors: Lucina Kathmann, Andy Blair, Wayne Greehaw, Linda Ericksen, Vicki Gudrum, Charles Kuchinski, Beldon Butterfield, Kimberly Kinser, Wim Coleman & Pat Perrin, Lena Bartula, Lynette Seator, Kendal Dodge Butler, Terri Taylor, Alice Denham, Janet Sternburg, Eva Hunter, Edward Simpson, Dianne Walta Hart, Lulu Torbet & Leah Feldon, Mark Saunders, Manja Argue, Cherie Magnus, Jon Looney, Alma Villanueva, Ruth Hayward, Maria Luisa Moreno, Victor Sahuatoba, Maria Luisa Rullán, Jesús Hernández Flores, Adriana Díaz de Montes, Maruja González, Mercedes Arteaga.

Our personal and scholarly musings have been presented at conferences and included in some very interesting publications …

Download "Out of the Depths and Into the Heights: A Manifesto for Storytellers" by Wim Coleman, a paper presented at the International Conference on the Fantastic and the Arts, 1997. (free PDF file)

Download "Trickster Talks" by Pat Perrin,
a paper presented at the International Conference on the Fantastic and the Arts, 1997. (free PDF file)

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Contributions to other books range from humorous anecdotes to well-researched sidebars, photo captions, reference-book entries, and commentary …

World War II, Wim Coleman, Pat Perrin American West, Wim Coleman, Pat Perrin

World War II Chronicle
Forward by John S.D. Eisenhower; Preface by U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye. Buy from Amazon

American West Chronicle
Foreword by U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Council of 44 Chiefs of the Northern Cheyenne Nation
Buy from Amazon

Sidebars and hundreds of photo captions for these two lively, highly dramatic treatments of history

mythology, stories, legend, folklore Children's Dictionary of Mythology

The Storytelling Encyclopedia
Buy from Amazon

The Children's Dictionary of Mythology
Buy from Amazon

Both reference books edited by David Adams Leeming. We've also written several collections of retold myths for middle school and older students, and Wim's collection of myth-based plays has been popular with young people and adults.
(See Nine Muses).

humor, anecdotes, history humor, anecdotes, stories, science humor, anecdotes, tales

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into History and
Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into the Universe

Armchair Reader: The Book of Incredible Information

True anecdotes about famous people, actual events, and surprising scientific discoveries.
Buy The Book of Incredible Informationhumor, anecdotes
Buy UJBR Plunges into History
Buy UJBR Plunges into the Universe

Timothy Leary, The Jamais Vu Papers

Chaos & Cyber Culture
by Timothy Leary
“Brillig in Cyberland,” our interview with Leary from our newsletter called “The Jamais Vu Papers” was reprinted as an epilogue to Leary’s exploration of chaos and technology.
Buy Chaos & Cyber Culture from Amazon

self-help, research, exercises, activities, marilyn ferguson

Marilyn Ferguson’s Book of PragMagic:
Pragmatic Magic for Everyday Living—Ten Years of Scientific Breakthroughs, Exciting Ideas and Personal Experiments that can Profoundly Change your Life

We launched our first collaborative project in 1987, when we were both on the staff of Marilyn Ferguson’s newsletter Brain/Mind Bulletin. We proposed a book based on the Bulletin, organized, edited, updated, and commented on published research, and also collected and created related exercises and sidebars. We even did the page layout for PragMagic.

PragMagic (Pocket Books, 1990) was also published in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Japanese editions.

Buy PragMagic from Amazon sellers

Comments on PragMagic:

"Wonderfully evocative ... research findings (presented as) metaphors to be pondered." —Jerome Bruner (Acts of Meaning)

"Helps us break free of many stultifying stereotypes." —Riane Eisler (The Chalice and the Blade)

"A creatively designed sourcebook for personal growth." —Kenneth Ring (Life at Death, Lessons from the Light)

"The authors have ... strung together the most precious, illuminating bits of information." —Mark Gerzon (A Choice of Heroes, A House Divided)

"A fabulous summing-up ..." —Ingo Swann (Natural ESP)

"I enjoyed and benefited from practicing the simple exercises." —Les Fehmi, biofeedback pioneer

"This collection constitutes a vision ... to help fashion a new and creative society."
—John Briggs (Fire in the Crucible)

"Learning as play." —Jean Shinoda Bolen (The Tao of Consciousness, Goddesses in Everywoman)