Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin have written, edited and contributed to educational publications for more than a decade. Now they're drawing on all that experience and on their storytelling skills to put facts into engaging multimedia form for teachers, parents, and students to use and enjoy.

Meet the authors

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How the West was Made (Up)
In our first classroom video, Wild Bill Hickock explains how dime novels, stage plays, and outdoor extravaganzas helped create the "Wild West" that we know today.

See "How the West Was Made (Up)"

Download research suggestions and ideas in a free PDF file


The Chiron Video Project

    • Short …
    • Informative …
    • Entertaining …
    • videos to learn by!

video is brief—about 5 minutes long—
and focused on one main idea.

Suggestions for further research, questions to jump-start thinking, and student worksheets for recording important information accompany each video. (reproducible PDF files)

Each video is designed to be

  • useful for small-group and individual use
  • an excellent introduction to a lesson for the entire class.

Coming Soon: DVD sets of Classroom Videos
Each set of 10 classroom videos provides a comprehensive look at an overall topic. For example, the set of videos on the American West includes the stages of expansion, transportation, living conditions, cultural and ethnic groups, major events, and important characters.

Our Classroom Video sets will cover a wide range of topics in history, literature, and mythology. Is there something you’d particularly like to see? Please email your reactions and suggestions: wim-pat@chironvideo.com

More videos for young people, teachers, and parents:

"Bonnie and Her Family," an imaginative documentary about a Green Lynx spider that lives on our patio. Monse and Wim made this video together.

"Sequoyah and His Talking Leaves," Wim and his daughter Monse read a snatch of dialogue from Wim's classroom play about the brilliant Native American who invented a written form of the of the Cherokee language—a syllabary.

Clips from Monse's remarkable aerial dance class.


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