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Novels for preteens and up by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin — the authors of fiction, essays, and nonfiction for major publishers and dozens of books for educational publishers. Ask your local bookstore or order online. Click each section above to see our other publications for young readers. Meet the Authors

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Anna's World, historical fiction, shakers, Massachusetts

"pages fly by"
"fun read"
"well written"
"highly recommended"

For age 12 and up, available in paperback
and all ebook formats.

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Juggler in the Wind, The Wand Bearer Trilogy part 1

"eerie, haunting"
"darkly mysterious"
"a sure winner"

Juggler in the Wind

In paperback and all ebook formats.
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Red Monocle series for preteens

"a clever brew"
"three cheers"
"adventure, fun"

Red Monocle
In paperback and all ebook formats.
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Upcoming novels for young readers:

More exciting adventures in the Red Monocle series
What do we lose when a great story goes missing? How do myths and legends affect us day to day? In The Death of the Good Wizard, Gregory and Yolanda return to King Arthur's story to discover the relationship between history and legend. The third book, The Invisible Foe, introduces the African trickster Anansi, who first unleashed stories into the world. In upcoming Red Monocle books, young readers will delight in experiencing more great myths and legends from around the world.

The Wand Bearer Trilogy continues …
Juggler in the Wind will be followed Star Road and Otherworld. When gods grow old to the brink of death, Randy plays a role in their wondrous rebirth. When Randy falls in love with an immortal goddess, he must journey into a realm dreaded by mortals everywhere. By the end of Randy’s quest, our very world will never be the same.

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Free story! Pat's retold West African myth was originally published in READ magazine. Download the PDF file: "Anansi and the Box of Stories"

Here's another exciting book for young readers…
The Secret World of Unicorns by Pat Perrin
In a series of stories and imaginative "nonfiction" pages, Pat tells all about unicorns. Discover where they live, what they eat (some eat clouds and rainbows!), and how to decipher mysterious unicorn hoof markings. This gorgeously illustrated book features scrapbook pages, postcards, news clips, and treasured mementos. It includes 4 collectible unicorn figurines. (Silver Dolphin Books)
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