Our major works deal with questions about reality and illusion and life's priorities.

Cole Perriman's Terminal GamesVirtual relationships and real-life murder

Cole Perriman's Terminal Games
In an exclusive, expensive, and often bizarre branch of cyberspace, anonymous people live out their anonymous fantasies. But when Insomnimania members begin dying, hi-tech fantasy morphs into real-life nightmare. Originally published by Bantam; new edition from Madeira Press.

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Mayan InterfaceAn ancient myth is happening right now, changing all who discover it.

Mayan Interface
An award-winning tale that blends mysticism, technology, archaeology, and authentic Mayan history … an engrossing story of challenges, consciousness change, and transformation.

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jamais vu old and newDid you ever get the strangest feeling you've NEVER been here before?

The Jamais Vu Papers
Real-world personalities get involved with fictional characters in a lucid-waking adventure. Our most-often-quoted book. Originally published by Pocket Books/Crown. The new edition is an award-winner!

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Jamais Vu Views
from The JVP
The Lullaby Tree
A play by
Wim Coleman

The Poe You Don't Know
A unique
The Comedy of Falstaff
A comic
verse epic

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