We both work in visual media, and sometimes combine that with writing …

art, fiber sculpture by Pat Perrin

wool, linen, and cotton yarns, stones,
on a welded frame, 30"h x 90"w x 6"d

Pat's Art
Pat creates and exhibits artwork in a variety of media. She has shown her work and won awards in Southeastern U.S. museums and competitions; her drawing, "Crow," won $5000 from MacWorld in 1986. Visit her exhibit below.

morning glories photo by Pat Perrin


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Pat's Fiber Exhibit video  click here.





Wim Coleman as Falstaff

Wim's Performances
Over the years, Wim has been a playwright, director, scene shop foreman, set designer, and actor. This little clip will give you a hint of his current writing/performance effort.

See "Falstaff"
written and performed by Wim Coleman

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Wim Coleman

Wim and Monse read Wim's play
"Sequoyah and His Talking Leaves"

Monse's Aerial Dance

"Bonnie and Her Family," a spider documentary by Monse and Wim

We're also making short videos about history, literature, and mythology. See
"How the West Was Made (Up)"


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