We're Wim Coleman (left) and Pat Perrin (right). We're both full-time writers and we often work in collaboration.We met and married in Los Angeles and have lived in other U.S. cities: Portland, Oregon; Des Moines, Iowa; and the beautiful historic town of San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico. These days, we're in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Wim grew up in Iowa. He is a playwright whose works have won national awards and have been presented in New York and Los Angeles. He has worked in theater as an actor, director, scene shop foreman, and set designer — and has also been an editor, pizza cook, waiter, and bartender. Wim has degrees from Drake University in Theater, Literature, and Education.Wim Coleman, author, playwright







Pat Perrin, author, artist, with cat
Pat is originally from Virginia, where she became an art teacher and award-winning visual artist. She spent some years on a Shenandoah Valley farm, raising and training horses, growing food, cooking on a woodstove, and learning about the land, all with the help of other artists and several energetic teenagers.
Pat has degrees in English (Duke), Liberal Studies (Hollins), and Art Theory and Criticism (U.Ga.) Here, she's building the website you're visiting.

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Our daughter Monse is completely bilingual. She's a teenager now, studying Japanese and other high school subjects in Chapel Hill, NC.   We do lots of home-produced work on our Macintoshes — books, artwork, recorded readings, and videos. Monse and Wim made this video together.

Monse's aerial dance

See the video of Monse's remarkable aerial dance class (from a few years back).


green lynx spider

See "Bonnie and Her Family," an imaginative documentary about a Green Lynx spider that lived on our patio.